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Laughing Matters

"Laughing matters. I like that phrase because it has two meanings. First off, there are things we laugh about -- or should. We often get upset over things that, with time, we can look back upon with laughter. How many times has someone said to you, 'It's just a laughing matter.'

"In the other sense of the phrase, laughing does matter. It relieves stress and helps us keep things in perspective. It helps us separate the truly important things from those we can view with healthy amusement. So just sit back and enjoy because no matter where you place the emphasis, LAUGHING matters or Laughing MATTERS -- you'll still be right."
Carl Hurley

This uproarious live comedy concert was recorded at the Renfro Valley Entertainment Center in Kentucky, located in the area where Carl developed his inimitable flair for down-home humor. Whether relating the latest escapades of his eccentric relatives, describing his uphill battle to become part of the Computer Age or reflecting upon the absurdities of life in general, Carl delightfully demonstrates that LAUGHING MATTERS.

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Play Sample 1. My Thong Swim Suit 4:52 $0.99
Play Sample 2. Don't Let the Government Tax Fat 6:06 $0.99
Play Sample 3. Humor from My Wife 6:41 $0.99
Play Sample 4. Laugh At Yourself/The "Jingle Bell" Funeral 5:40 $0.99
Play Sample 5. Humor Helps Us With Change 3:17 $0.99
Play Sample 6. Taking Piano Lessons/Attending the Symphony/ Eldean Plays the Cello 6:10 $0.99
Play Sample 7. I Love To Go Back Home 2:21 $0.99
Play Sample 8. Computers Are Way Too Smart 4:23 $0.99
Play Sample 9. Cell Phones, New Pants and Telemarketers 6:44 $0.99
Play Sample 10. I Got A Naughty Streak/ What People Do and Say 8:39 $0.99
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