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Makin' Change

Affectionately known as "America's funniest professor, " Carl Hurley has always had an eye for the fun in life and an ear for a good story

His appreciation for humor and for the art of story-telling began as a young boy who grew up on a three-acre farm on the banks of the Rockcastle River in Eastern Kentucky.

Carl's family spent long nights gathered around the kitchen table, swapping yarns and stories. His favorite radio program was WSM's broadcast of the Grand Ole Opry, and his two favorite Opry stars were comedians Rod Brasfield and Minnie Pearl. When Carl's daddy bought the family its first radio, they tuned it to WSM in Nashville and pulled off the knobs!

Carl left his childhood home to attend college. His interest in education eventually led him into the teaching profession. For eight years he was a popular professor at his alma mater, Eastern Kentucky University in Richmond, a position he held until he resigned to become a full-time speaker and entertainer.

Having dealt with change in his own life, Carl undertands its value and shares his insight in stories that are often perceptive and always funny.

So settle back with "Makin' Change" and laugh (and learn) with "America's funniest professor."

This was Carl's first recording and remains one of the most popular.

  Track Title Time Price  
Play Sample 1. The Hazards of Public Speaking 3:50 $0.99
Play Sample 2. The Nature of Human Nature 3:46 $0.99
Play Sample 3. Uncle Arlo 2:04 $0.99
Play Sample 4. Getting Electricity 1:24 $0.99
Play Sample 5. Starting School 3:11 $0.99
Play Sample 6. Changing Schools 4:21 $0.99
Play Sample 7. My First Football Game 10:16 $0.99
Play Sample 8. Off to College 4:02 $0.99
Play Sample 9. Looking for the Humor 1:47 $0.99
Play Sample 10. A Little Problem in Communication 1:16 $0.99
Play Sample 11. Ice Fishing 1:16 $0.99
Play Sample 12. Things Aren't Always What They Seem 1:11 $0.99
Play Sample 13. Standing in Line For Football Tickets 5:59 $0.99
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