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Southern Fried

"Southern cooking is an art form. It's batter-dipped, deep-fried and served with sweet tea and cornbread made in a black iron skillet. It's green beans, seasoned with ham hock, and simmered until they're soft...mashed potatoes, fried okra and green fried tomatoes, eaten on the back porch in the cool of the evening.

"Southern cooking is my heritage, and that's where a heaping portion of my comedy comes from. It's as down-home as Southern fried chicken or hominy grits. It's as easy to swallow as my mama's peach cobbler with a gob of whipped cream on top. It's made just like my mama cooks -- from scratch and without much measuring. I throw in a pinch of wit, a dab of serious thought and a bowl full of hearty laughs. I stir it all together, take a little nibble to see if I got it right and serve it up for you.

"I hope when you push back from my comedy table you will say this has fed your spirit and nourished your soul and that you will always come back for another helping of 'Southern Fried.'"

Carl Hurley

  Track Title Time Price  
Play Sample 1. I Love the Discovery Channel 5:54 $0.99
Play Sample 2. Skinny People Bother Me 1:53 $0.99
Play Sample 3. Everybody Knows Everybody in a Small Town 2:19 $0.99
Play Sample 4. Three Places Where I Find Humor 6:05 $0.99
Play Sample 5. Raffle Tickets for a Mule 1:32 $0.99
Play Sample 6. Humor Is All Around Us 1:24 $0.99
Play Sample 7. I'm Glad It's not a Perfect World 1:57 $0.99
Play Sample 8. The Woman and the Gas Leak 1:32 $0.99
Play Sample 9. People Do Interesting Things 2:47 $0.99
Play Sample 10. I Can't Throw Away a Shoe Box 4:19 $0.99
Play Sample 11. Jeter Gets A White Collar Job 3:53 $0.99
Play Sample 12. Church Bulletin Boo-boos 3:59 $0.99
Play Sample 13. The Humor of Little Children 1:42 $0.99
Play Sample 14. I'm a Card-carrying Member of the AARP 2:44 $0.99
Play Sample 15. Who's the Boss in This Family? 3:14 $0.99
Play Sample 16. Duck Walks Into a Feed Store/ My Wife Tells a Joke 3:51 $0.99
Play Sample 17. Going Back Home to Visit my Kin 7:02 $0.99
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